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Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) allows technical intern trainees to acquire and master the skills which is beneficial to work in reputed companies & organisations under the employment program for a maximum period of 3-5years.

MoC signed between the governments of India and Japan was concluded on October 2017, which is administered by the Japan International Training Cooperation Organisation (JITCO). The purpose of this program is to provide training, technical skills to workers from developing countries.

TITP Student
TITP Student
TITP Student

Takako Oshibuchi
鴛渕 貴子
NAVIS Human Resources started as a Japanese language training centre in 2002 and has merged with a human resource company in 2019.

"SKILL INDIA MISSION", a program on human resources development was launched by the Government of India, to provide vocational training and certification for “Indian” youth to have a better livelihood. As a result, Navis extends support to offer language and other employment skilled training which promotes careers in India. NAVIS focuses on the potentiality of Indian nurses as there is shortage of care takers and nurses across the world. The program also allows NAVIS to actively participate as a sending organisation by providing nurses with great employability skills to care centres and hospitals in the overseas. by providing skilled nurses to hospitals in India and overseas. The training given at NAVIS, by Japanese provides appropriate support and introduces you to selective work places.